more victuals. i don`t know why, but i like. particulary milk and apple pie.


to be or not to be, as hamlet says.
i took the fotos, so be sure and square that you`ll gonna see that play!
more information...


so random that i cant`t write anything sensible about thease shots.
but anyhow, ketchup, fridge of mine, my opinion about germany, happy friends, sweet eeva and a lamp she made, green lockness and lots of gotler, balkan and light popsi sausage.


surprisingly dynamite life, as allways!

i read some old ass bmx-zine in my toilet

this tyrehouse fire gathered more camera dudes than brave firemans

friends left hand, his wifes right hand and a donut

moses hazys performance was awesome. dynamite!

allso from the moses hazys show, but with some hot and cool chick