are we talking about scratchy and dirty negative here? yes.
snowman. tomorrow or today i`m leaving to ylläs for a month to work and ski. should be fun. one thing what ain`t fun is that i don`t have possibility to develope my b&w stuff there. so i have to put old material or digital shit here for the next month.
but in january fresh and new film is coming!


i think i should stop taking pictures of joonas.
lets put serie of tree pictures more of still single joonas.
number one.


pinhole to paper.
beats your hd-digitalmutherfucker cameras easily.


this guy here is still single.
you can find he`s contacts from here.


heres few things.
my personal record of the dirtyest scan ever. scanner glass was dirty. my negative was dirty. and the result is higly harsh and dirty. in the picture is mr. michael jacobs a minute before he unwrap he`s exhibition. he is also my foto teacher. and he was posing for photographying joonas. and one more thing. i taked this with my new/old camera. konica c35v. ...next time a bit better performance.


finnish people are famous of living middle of nowhere.
i would love to spend rest of my life surrounded by trees and chickens.


someone`s hobby or lifestyle or way to express feelings or just something what is fun.