i will probably be out of internet for an unknown period of time.
so i`ll keep posting more pictures after i have settle down to my new home town.


tomorrow is time to move our asses to another country.
slovakian here we come.
one more from milano.

in milano.


it`s time for an holgaerror or in this case photographerror.
mistake double exposure shot.
when i bought this camera i was heard that you don`t remember to wind the film after every shot. i thought that i wouldn`t forget that. but i did.


curious dog and fireworks.
not the greatest compination.


hangover day.
holgapanorama longexposure shot from my dad`s front yard.


from newyears evening.
holga seams to be water/hot steam -proof camera.
well that`s what we thought about it after couple beers.


how much shit you can have on your film..?
i think this is my personal record.
...janne and his bike in hiukkavaaras indoorskateboardcenter.


more tri-x from holgaramapicturecamera.
everybody knows r-kioski.
this one is from rovaniemi.
lots of stuff with overrated prices.

this is made from snow.
it doesn`t make any fysical damage to the building.
so it`s worth of taking picture of it with crappy holgarama.


violin player in metro.
it`s a one kind of way to earn your money.

more more more!
rollei 35 and street life from milano.


let`s try to be daily.
next one is from our expedition to käyrätunturi. was quite cold day. so cold that my friends mamiya got frosened and didn`t work as it should be. but my holgashit worked.
you don`t see his board but joonas is snoboarding in this shot.


what`s this?
it`s holga with lots of black tape and an 35mm b&w film inside.
and simple life of joonas. beer, skateboard and a swing.


it`s something.
yada yada yada.
soon we will be back in italy. and after 3 weeks of pasta and wine. new direction is slovakian. bratislava.