Annual telemark trip to north. This time our tour leader Ilkka took us to an amazing valley of lake Keimiö.

Getting ready to have a nice hike to our cabin.

First view of fjeld Keimiö.

We had just enough time before dark to visit Keimiö. Here i`m hiking and smiling.

A view from the top of fjeld Keimiö. That`s the lake of Keimiö surrounded by fjelds.

Ilkka shredding.

There were some nice colors out there just before dark.

Ilkka skiing under burning sky.

Jaloviina had pretty much the same colors than the sky.

Ilkka with a pot full of water.

Our dinner. Half of a western capercaillie...

...fried with bacon...

...and stewed with cream and some juniper berries. ...plus some owen cooked vegetables.

Annual scrabble championship. Congratulations Ilkka.

Next morning we hiked to the next fjeld called Sammaltunturi.

View towards fjeld Keimiö.

Ilkka with his mobilephone.

After a few runs at fjeld Sammal we headed to warm up this sauna which we discovered nearby our cabin.

Getting hot and steamy. ...and suffering a bit of dehydration.

After having breakfast cooked by Ilkka we headed again on the top of fjeld Keimiö and skiied back to the car.

Great trip.