one more...

last evening with internet. so no updates for a loooong (?) time. saturday is time to say goodbyes to bratislava and fly to stockholm. after couple days in sweden we take a ferry and night cruise to turku. and then small roadtrip to north. home. will be dynamite to go back to finand. and see all the things and stuff i have missed for one year. definedly i will be missing something from milano and something from bratislava. but now it`s time for finland!

have a nice interentfree summer. i know that i will.
...and i know that this guy will also have.


i think the first rule of taking portraits is that you have to be sure that nothing grows from your subject. especially from the head.
i failed big time in here. but anyhow it`s quite funny...


old dudes are not made of sugar!
and digital color pictures!
...tomorrow i`ll go back to film and b&w.


messy and raw portrait of a calmn and clean religious gentleman.


couple months ago i had a discussion with a friend of my. we talked about how we grow as a photographer and how different pictures we take as we are growing and getting older and older. one thing we where sure that when we are 50 years old we start to shoot landscapes. not earlyer...


portrait should tell a lots of thing about the person in the picture.
can you name five things? if not i have failed to make a decent potrait.
but shit i like this one and i`m proud of myself that i went and talked to this dude and asked permission to take this foto.


this guy here is studying his last year in spisska kapitula. six years of praying and beliving. very high discipline and tough rules about what you can/can`t do. and after they graduated some big boss send thease dudes to all around slovakia to spread the word. ...still he answered to me that he is happy about the choice he made six years ago. respect that.


tuffest mutherfuckers in this planet!
no doubt for that.


first day of may.
shit is almost time to go back to finland.
it means that i have 30 days to do everything what i have wanted to do.
here i have a picture with lots of sheeps and a shepherd.