maulan bar, beer, summer, sun, yellow cap, what else could i need?


something irritating.
first of all. crocks. nuclear bomb action is needed.
then broken skirt and rubberband.
at last. this is taken in ikea.



wan`t to be as cool as jay-z?
get one of these cotton bags right now!

suitable for carrying beers and bananas:

12e, including shipping to finland. just throw me with an e-mail and you`ll be as hot as ketchup. and more prints are coming after i just do them.

...and then something from last year:


been a while from the last update.
i have been working.
i have been in countryside and throwing darts, sleeping, eating, grilling, fishing, feeding roosters, etc. etc.
and i bought a new toy. (actually it was for eeva, but i`m riding it a bit more than she is) but longboard is such a dynamite thing. really!

and 4th of september. the airplane will fly to milano! and how dynamite is that!?!??