weekend hunting/fishing trip to meltausjoki with Markus.

smoking before the hunting begins.

searching something to shoot = hunting.

first western capercaillie for the trip. nice shot from markus.

markus taking all the unwanted parts away.

evening meal. fried vendace`s and the famous potatoes from lapland.

cooking breakfast.

Markus`s second capercaillie.

here i`m carrying that bird.

and here i had taken all the meat out from it.



duck hunting/fishing trip to savukoski.

first some ammos from a sport shop located in kemijärvi.

after doing grocery store shopping this lady wanted to be in the same picture with ilkka.

here we are packing our canoe with all kind of stuff and leaving the car behind to get it later after all paddling.

first fish was a bit too short river trout.

we did also catch some graylings.

first night we spend in this nice cabin.

which had a sign inside that warned about snakes. no snakes was seen.

that place had also the biggest sauna i have ever seen. of course we heated that.

during the four hour sauna heating process ilkka served some nice meal.

also ilkka did some flyfishing.

just before sauna we cooked one decent sized grayling.

and finally sauna. actually we spend there allmost four hours.

next day we did more fishing and even got one. also we where able to see some ducks and even ilkka did few shots.

second night we spend tenting on this nice esker.

end of our 35km paddling trip. tenniöjoki.

after bicycling 20km back to car and then driving back to canoe. we packed everything and headed to rovaniemi.