have to start showing pictures from our roadtrip.
thease dudes are from spisskè podhradie. they where listening gangsta rap from mobile phone and looking cool. and they gave me this chance to take a picture of them. shit.


amusement park.
amusement park.

...and something new for this blog.
some techincalfuckinginformation:
film is trix-400 pushed to 1600asa.
i like it.


back in bratislava.
roadtrip was an eye opener for me. shit this world is amazing.
i met lot of gypsies and get friends with couple of them.
i think is good to have gypsie friends.
soon some pictures from my new friends and from backcountry of slovakia.

thease fellows are sunbathing.


tomorrow i`m going to roadtrip!
destination is slovakia!
5 days and 5 rolls of film.
and i`m taking only my new yashica with me.
so not anything new in here for 5 days.

this one is from the first film ever from yashica d. so be sure to watch it carefully at least 5 days.

"i smoke weeeed" -garrrret in bratislava. tight one!



yeah! i finaly got my first good medium format camera. tomorrow i will dump my holga to the trash can and start my new life with yashica d and an old german lightmeter.


again that abandoned building.
this time inside.
all the respect to the painters.
keep going.


holgashit picture from the beautifull enviroment of slovakia.

uu baby. my robot candels have reached thailand.
thats cool and awesome!



lots of errors.
blue stripe from scanner. famous pupic hair. and something else. well it`s picture from holga and taken with tescos cheap film. so it is just that what i expected.