me-naiset southern crew posted couple series from the "best" ramp in finland. signatures ramp is great. but we have here in lapland few better ramps!
whole four polaroid shots in me-naiset.


solarigraphic foto from skyhotel roof.
strange that solarigraphic photographying always contains something same in each picture. sunpaths. it is hard as cock to think over the basic consept of solaricraphic foto. don`t know that do i really need to overwork thease primitive pictures or does it goes like this just fine.


same camera. different foto material.
in this one i used quite new shiaat. harmans direct positive b/w paper.
as the name can tell you it produces positive image after exposed so it`s epic for pinhole things and using it to make unique work.
this one ain`t that epic. this one was overexposed couple apertures.


first test shot with polaroid miniportrait camera.
instead of polaroid film i used basic b/w photo paper which gave me paper negative.
i have epic plans for this camera!