we have snow!
today was the first (and only?) day of snowing in milan.


pinhole camera.
well it`s just a lenscap with a tiny hole. and all that is mounted to a digital slr.
kind of shit but you get an good idea about how much crap is in your sensor.


hardcoreradiocontrolledcargang in the parking space of a closed supermarket.
mad shit!


venetian snares. well it`s a great artist.
but this is about trip to venice.


back to the digital.
a day trip to north by train. after an hour and this is what i see from the window.


how great is my school here in milan?

i got the first film from rollei to my hands and went to our huge fotolab to find a film scanner. didn`t find so i asked. ...something what they said: "...film scanners are only for professors, not for students. there are no scanners for you in this university..."

so i used my digital camera as a scannerlikething to digitalize paperpictures from r35.


saturday and i pissed honey.
was a great camera expo. especially focused to the time when cameras were metal, leather and wood.

i took this with a lens borrowed from someones booth. it was 24/2.8 by sigma. didn`t dig the quality of the picture. so no deal.

the exhibition center was near by an airfield. and i like airplanes.

...so did i bought anything?
hell yeah.

and if someone doesn`t know. rollei 35 is a one dynamite camera. fully manual (and mechanical) with allmost everything what you can find from bigger slr-cameras. but this baby is about same size as canserstickbox.