jeij, i finaly get the film done from mine full plastic throwaway -camera.

this thing is from our design/art project with mikko and alex. we did some animal silhuets with bright colours. and our destination was to get smiles from peoples faces. we make around 40 animals so theres only few of those.

same thing but this dude was from lapinkansa (huge newspaper from lapland). he took some fotos from us and our animals and the next day we are in the cover of the paper.
dynamite success.

and then. we are fo`shizzel in lapland. so plus twenty degrees in end of april is`nt just right. or was it the first of may?

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Jamo said...

kivan näkönen piknik. mä en oo onnistunut viettämään vielä yhtään vappua rollossa, toivottavasti ensvuonna. Värikkäät eläimet rokkaa.