in hometown. homeboy janne riding smooth and high.
it`s nice that skateboarders in oulu are a bit more frienldy than here in rovaniemi.
...20inc rubber wheels, plastic pedals and plastic barends will make huge holes in plywood pool and bmx riders are gay... yeah fuck right rovaniemi. 4 or 2 wheels. both groups love riding and chilling. so what is the broblem? bmx riders goes higer? bmx riders get all the chicks? it has more flow and style than plywoodboard? skateboarding is so 90`s?...

still have to give props all skaters who understand also our love and passion.
forexample joonas

kesää ja rakkautta


osku said...

makee kuva

frankie said...

gotta say man... i dont even know how i ended up looking at your blog. its tight, but youre dead wrong about the style bit.

no contest man.