portrait should tell a lots of thing about the person in the picture.
can you name five things? if not i have failed to make a decent potrait.
but shit i like this one and i`m proud of myself that i went and talked to this dude and asked permission to take this foto.


valtteri said...

there`s at least one thing i know about this guy for sure. if you take a look at his nose, you can tell that this man is a boxer. he also looks like a gypsy: gypsies love boxing. two things!

cool portrait

martina said...

I appreciate that text I should read before viewing this pic. Its enough. You dont have to name five things abt this guy, your words tell us enough about the story of this photo. Maybe even more.. Keep doing-i ll keep watching! thx

Timå said...

thanks for comments!


petri strap said...

Dude, you need to take more portraits / pictures of people. Toimii! Näissä on jotain muutakin diipimpää kuin vain tyyppi ruudussa.

Timå said...

jeah jeah jeah!
kiitos ja neuvoista otetaan vaarit ja onki jo alettu kuvvaan lissää ihmisiä läheltä.

Marjukka said...

I don't need five things, I need a feeling. There's a lot in this pic.